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Most survival experts and disaster preparedness websites recommend that residents living in areas at risk of natural disasters maintain a supply of at least 3-5 days of food and water per person.

The following is a list of most common use items to help you protect yourself and your family for the unexpected.

1) Bottled Water - Enough for 3-5 days per person - The Dollar store has 1 Gallon Crystal Geyser bottles for $1 each. Easy to store in an interior closet. (Don’t store in garage where things might fall on it.)

2) Canned Foods and Dry Foods. Keep an extra supply of canned foods and vegetables on your pantry shelves or stored in an easy to carry duffle bag.

3) Trash bags - 13 gallon kitchen type for waste and debris clean up.

4) 5 gallon bucket(s) to carry away broken items to trash and to use as a makeshift toilet with the 13 gallon trash bag liners.

5) First Aid kit with large bandages, antibiotic cream, etc.

6) Personal medications for 7 -10 days (extra and separate from your normal monthly supply)
7) Duct Tape – Can be used to secure broken doors and windows or broken bones, create a sling etc.

8) Wrench for gas shutoff valve. – Place a crescent wrench in greased zip lock bag and attach to your gas main.

9) Work Gloves (one pair per person and one in your car also)

10) Shoes by bed - leave a pair of shoes by your bed to prevent injury from fallen furniture and broken glass. Paramedics are going to be busy so keep yourself safe by protecting your feet.

11) $300-$500 cash in small bills and some coins - keep in a safe. Most purchases will be cash and carry during power outages and disasters.

12) Propane camp stove with extra propane bottles. Or Butane Stoves. Also fill up your large BBQ propane bottle so you have that as well. Buy the hoses to connect your large propane bottle to your stove $12.99 at Wal-Mart. (DO NOT USE CAMP STOVES OR PROPANE INDOORS)

13) Flashlights, lanterns and extra batteries. – Maglite’s provide strong beam lights for searching for things and people in the dark but not for providing sustained light. Coleman makes a good battery operated lantern for counter top room light.

14) Tarps and Rope – Have at least one tarp and 50ft-100ft of sturdy rope. 3/8” or larger to be able to secure broken items or build makeshift shelters or carry injured people to safety.

15) Paper products – Stock up on toilet paper, paper plates, plastic forks, knives and spoons

16) Gasoline - ALWAYS keep your car's gas tank full. Never let it go below 1/2 tank.

17) HELP - Talk to your neighbors about disaster planning and suggest they also be prepared so as to help each other and caught without proper supplies. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO http://lafd.org/eqbook.pdf

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